Smart Transitions offers specialist support to businesses keen to develop entry-level work opportunities for young people, including work experience, cadetships, apprenticeships, internships and jobs. 

Smart Transitions partners with employers to connect them with secondary school students and other young people via their Gateway and careers teachers or work brokers. Work opportunities are communicated through Smart Waikato’s media and strong networks to youth, teachers and support personnel.

Smart Transitions Employer Support Services

If you’re keen to help someone begin a new career, we can help with on-the-job support and to access Ministry of Social Development (MSD) funding, if you are eligible.

With our free Transitions programme, you can:

  • Develop well-skilled, knowledgeable people for your business, so they can achieve more, give more and stay longer
  • Build your business and a better future for New Zealanders.
  • Help people who need additional support to retrain and take up a job with you that they’ll love
  • Help those starting out in the workforce get the training and future they deserve

Smart Waikato connects employers with people who are keen to work and learn and who need some additional support to get their career started.

If you employ someone through our Transitions programme, we will work closely with you to understand your needs, help you recruit the right person and we may also be able to help coordinate MSD funding to help pay for pre-employment training, provide a wage subsidy and help pay for industry training course fees.

Keen for full time work?

Smart Transitions may be able to help you!

Smart Transitions is a free, Waikato-based programme supporting applicants into full time, entry-level work opportunities with good employers. We are working with a wide range of local employers to develop entry-level work opportunities for people like you.


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