endorseMe® is a digital work-readiness tool to help identify, develop and record real skills for the real world.

The endorseMe® system consists of a smartphone app for young people and an online portal for co-ordinators and endorsers.

endorseMe® is free to use in the Waikato – and is also available nationwide. Users need to be registered to access endorseMe® – contact us to get started!


endorseMe® gives young people the opportunity to be endorsed for their employability skills by their mentors, employers, teachers and others working in the community – and create a record of their skills, achievements and experiences.

endorseMe® is based on the New Zealand Employability Skills Framework – a set of skills or capabilities which New Zealand employers have identified as most essential.

These skills include:

      • Positive attitude
      • Communication
      • Team work
      • Self-management
      • Willingness to learn
      • Thinking skills
      • Resilience
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Step-by-step tutorials that help in navigating and breaking down the different functions of endorseMe 

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Frequently asked questions that assist in helping you to receive quick direct answers

Results & Reporting 

endorseMe® can provide statistics on:


      • Endorsements of 30 different skills 
      • Employability skills by 7 different categories 
      • Gender
      • Ethnicity
      • Year level
      • Achievements (such as NCEA Achievements, drivers license and extracurricular activities)

These statistics can be used to measure and evaluate student achievement and progress over time. Results from these reports can be used alongside your organisation’s reporting, evaluation and funding applications.

Rangatahi Employability Record 




endorseMe® will generate an Employability Record for each young person as they receive endorsements. This record can be used to produce certificates to acknowledge student growth and achievement.


The Employability Record can also complement CVs and applications. This formal record also details their endorsers. The positive language used in this record is also an excellent starting point when writing cover letters.

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