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The FAN Job Board is free to use and is a private forum for FAN members to match talented youth to workplace opportunities, including work experience, internships, cadetships, apprenticeships or employment.
Send us opportunities by copying and completing the details below and emailing it to:

linda "at"

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Opportunity Title:  e.g. Events work experience; engineering apprenticeship, part-time admin support, stock-taking job, etc.

Description:  Brief description of opportunity you would like to offer  (e.g. tasks, project brief, job requirements):


Duration: 1 day, 20 hours flexible over 10 weeks, permanent part-time position etc.

Start Date:  state if flexible                                                           End Date: if applicable


 Circle One:                       Paid Opportunity                                Unpaid Opportunity

Open To:  Brief description of who you want e.g. high school student, tertiary student, anyone who has an interest in the field; minimum qualifications; interests; areas of study; particular skills or competencies you require


Application Details: How to apply – CV, portfolio, phone call, work sample etc; in what format – email, post, in person

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Date or open-ended offer

Educators (secondary and tertiary) and youth work brokers then put forward candidates they think would be a good fit for the opportunity. Employers then select their preferred candidates according to their usual process.

Vacancies will initially be advertised on the FAN Newsletter and move to a private on-line platform as it develops.