Get On the Bus

“Get On the Bus” is a programme which organises groups to visit Waikato businesses to enhance their understanding of today’s workplace and pass on information to secondary school students. Participants include secondary and tertiary education subject teachers (with a view to the information gained coming back into the classroom), careers advisers, management teams and, in some cases, students and parents.

After Principal for a Day 2011, St John's Acting Principal Peta Lean (centre), and staff visit Hill's Laboratories, CEO Steve Howse centre in the blue shirt.

This was followed by a visit to Stafford Engineering, Roger Evans far left.

Grant Lander, Principal of St Paul's Collegiate (second from left) and Philip Locke, CEO of Milfos (second from right), with St Paul's Collegiate Technology teachers enjoying a reciprocal visit at Milfos, after Principal for a Day 2010.

For more information about the Get on the Bus! programme, please contact Mary Jensen.



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